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The Easy Diet to Help You Lose Those Excess Pounds

Dieting is not easy and everyone is constantly looking for the diet that will change their life once and for all. I was just like these people until I found the diet that I am going to tell you about. Until I found this diet, I was fighting the battle of the bulge and always losing. 

Like most of you reading this, I love the foods that are wrong for me. I just can’t stay away from junk food and sugary sodas. I would always eat these foods and it seemed like the pounds would just add up. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed like the wrong food was always calling me. I tried every diet that I could find. I tried to do anything that I could without having to exercise or starve myself.

Everyone else had no problem losing weight. They could eat anything that they wanted and still not gain weight. But for me things were different. But then things changed.

I knew that if I was going to lose weight, it would have to find a new way how to be thin that worked for me. I had to get serious and admit that I was eating the wrong foods. I was eating fast food because it was cheap and quick. I was drinking more than I should have. I was doing everything wrong.  

Sure it was easy to say that I should stop eating all of the junk food, join a gym or start jogging. But it’s tough to stop eating all of those foods. They all taste so good and it’s tough to go to a gym. Have you ever seen the people in the gym? None of them look like they need to lose weight. It’s intimidating to stand next to them and there are so many people that could mug me if I go jogging.  

All of these reasons lead me to create my own weight loss plan. With my plan, I would start with a simple breakfast like cereal or just toast. I would eat a small lunch like a sandwich or a small salad. But a dinner time, I would eat whatever I wanted to eat and above all, I would cut out any snacks between meals. Those snacks were just adding pounds. Cutting out snacks was the toughest, but I knew I had to do it. If I was ever going to lose weight, the snacking had to end. 

To add exercise to my day, I started to walk more. If it was possible to walk somewhere instead of driving, I would walk. That was an easy way to add some exercise to my day. I started to take my kids to the playground and the park and when we go there, I would actually play with them. It was fun to play football and baseball and I was actually burning calories too.  

These simple changes helped me lose weight and they can help you too.

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