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Don’t use Calorie Deprivation for Your Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

No matter what diet you find on the marked it is based on calorie restriction because most people typically believe that in order to lose weight, you simply need to eat less. There is a problem regarding calorie deprivation regarding your calorie intake to lose weight because these diets simply do not work for anything else than self-denial!

The reason I’m stating the calorie deprivation is only good for self-denial is because everybody gives in to temptation for the simple reason that it is human nature to simply crave variety when it comes to food. Calorie deprivation is not the way to lose weight because it is too much of a punishment to be denied food when we as humans have the natural urge to fill our stomach.

There is no simple correlation between calories and weight. No calories are created equal so counting calories in your food is way more complicated if you have no clue which calories are bad and which are good and besides psychologically and physically it is impossible to stay hungry or stop eating. If you have no clues what you’re doing with your calorie intake or lack of right calorie intake, it can cause compulsive behaviors like anorexia and bulimia.

The Unhealthy Diets

The unhealthy diets which tell you to only eat a single food like the Cabbage Soup diet are the worst diets you can ever try. Eating one single magic fat burning combination of cabbages, Lipton Onion Soup mix or eating only bananas will simply ruin your health with time.

The Grapefruit Diet which involves grapefruit, no carbs, all meat and black coffee is below 1000 calories a day, is another of the magic diets which of course will, if you follow it, give you an instant weight loss but the problem with these calorie deprivation diets is they are starvation methods. Starvation will give you a quick weight loss but during time the weight loss will rebound and when it does you will have a hard time getting rid of the pounds again. Another thing these diets will bring is sickness. Your body needs a variation of foods to function properly and eating only one or a very few things will make you seriously sick.

Simple Facts why Calorie Deprivation Don’t lose Weight

If you cut calories by following these diets you will actually promote fat storage. The starvation of your body makes it want to hold onto fat for survival. Your metabolism will slow down and fat storage is initiated even though you will lose weight but what you lose is water and muscles.

Your body, if not provided with enough calories or the right mix to function, will do anything to survive and keep balanced. When you don’t have enough calorie intakes your body will not burn fat first thing, but start working on your muscles.

This is what you absolutely do not want to happen. You will lose weight but it is not fat and this is why you want to stay away from those diets and instead use a healthy natural way by eating balanced.

Two Simple Ways for Your Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

Even though you need a balanced diet, don’t eat too few calories as already explained you don’t want to eat too many calories either because this will make your progress stop. What you want to do is reducing your intake of calories slowly and quite a few health counselors have stated losing 1 to 2 lb. each week is the healthy way.

You need to restrict the calories you eat each day but you need to make the most out of what you eat, so first thing on your new free diet is to get rid of the foods that are low in nutrition but high in calories. These things are also the things which taste good like cola, sweets high processed grains and other high calorie drinks & foods.

You also need to get rid of your bad habits. If you are one of those people who have a tough time eating breakfast it is essential you start doing it. Like it is very important you quit the 3 meals a day and start eating 5-6 times a day for boosting your metabolism. By eating breakfast and eat throughout the day you get rid of the hunger and will resist craving food.

Never starve yourself and stay away from diet that suggest you should do so for losing weight. The right way for your calorie intake is having a natural slow approach to reduce your calories and by doing so you avoid serious illness risk to your mind and wellbeing body.

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