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What Happens to Your Body with Weight Loss in a Week?

You probably want a way how to become skinny fast and don’t we all? Because there are a lot of benefits by losing overweight like a better health or feel a bit sexier because of the new appearance.
But besides why you like to achieve a weight loss do you know about what happens to the body when you lose the weight?
Losing for instance 10 pounds depends on a few factors like: how overweight were you in the beginning. How fast did you lose the weight and what diet form did you use?
Our body mostly consists of water, fat and muscle and on a diet which might restricts the calorie intake or leave out a lot of different foods like for instance carb free it is usually rather easy to drop 5-10 pounds in a week or two.
The worst part about the easy weight loss is that it isn’t a real fat loss because most of the weight loss is water.
Next after you lost water weight will be either muscle or fat. You want to lose the fat quite logical because losing muscles mass could get your metabolism to slow down since your muscles will burn more calories that fat does and even worse you become susceptible to bone loss.
To avoid this you should reduce calories while being active for a slow and steady weight loss.
Another important thing to achieve a naturally healthy way to become skinny fast is to increase the muscles mass while losing fat.
For this to happen you need a very balanced diet including enough protein which is the building block of muscle and also include resistance training in your weekly schedule.
If you do your weight loss the healthy normal way with a lot of exercising as explained, your fat cells will start shrinking. A woman would most likely start losing weight in the lower part because this is where women have most of their weight opposed to men who have their weight a bit higher.
In time, by sticking to the right healthy way, you will see those pounds drop off.


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