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Healthy Snack Food that Increase Metabolism for Kids


Are you having problem with your kids being or starting to become overweight? Maybe you should consider why this is and if it could be because the kids don’t get food that increase metabolism but the opposite.

The big sinner is the snacks the kids get when they come home from school or have in their school lunch. Kids simply love the snack we buy and as parent we love snacks to. Snack is a fast ingredient in the kid’s lunchbox or for the kids to grab from the shelves at home.

The snacks which come in small bags of chips and others have one certain very bad side effect though…

They are high in energy, fat and refined sugar.

After a few bites of these products you could end up with 500 unwanted calories all of sudden. To avoid this happen you should consider some alternatives to the unhealthy snacks and get the food that boost metabolism for your kids.

Here you get 9 snack ideas for kids which are a better alternative to the snack sugar bombs.

Hot Snack Attack – Take a pita-bread and spread it with herbs and tomato paste. On top you put tomato, onion, ham, pineapple and mushrooms and the final think you sprinkle grated low fat cheese. Put it into the oven and you have a tasty healthy pizza.

Oranges- Cut oranges into quarters and freeze on trays.

Crisp Vegetable Sticks - Cut up crisp vegetable sticks with dipping sauce, peanut, ranch, sweet chili or tomato. 

Leaf Wrappers - Wrap a cheese finger, carrot and celery stick in a lettuce leaf. Wrap it in foil and it is ready for the lunchbox. 

Combine a Mixture - Combine a mixture of low fat cheese cubes, nuts and dried fruits in plastic wrap or a lunch bag. 

Rice Cake with Topping - Spread a rice cake with mashed banana, avocado and cinnamon. 

Sausage Rolls - Wrap a skinned good quality sausage in several sheets of filo pastry then brush pastry with beat egg to glaze. You bake it in moderately hot oven for 16-18 minutes time and you can freeze the rolls. 

Chilled Fruit Surprise – Make a combination of slides of bananas, kiwi, strawberries, watermelon and some in season fruit in a plastic container. Top it with apple or other juice. Seal it and freeze it and ready to put in the lunchbox. 

Celery Sticks - Cut celery sticks 6-8 cm and fill with cottage cheese. Top with chopped nuts or sultanas.

These 9 alternatives are all good foods that increase your metabolism and you should for a successful diet for your kids try to achieve the healthy alternatives. Maybe not all the time but at least include it into your kid’s nutrition especially to avoid the unhealthy snacks which the kids are tempted by everywhere.

Watch my video: Healthy Alternative to Potato Chips

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